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Enniscorthy Castle

Feb 21, 2013
Posted By:   davepassion


Project Description

In 2010 Wexford County Council and the Office of Public Works embarked upon a complete renovation of Enniscorthy Castle. Duffin Joinery Ltd. became involved in this project as a domestic contractor to Mythen Construction Ltd. Due to the historic nature of this building all work was carried out under the supervision of a conservation architect. The works comprised of repairing and or replacing the sliding sash and casement windows, manufacturing and installing a reception counter and manufacturing and installing a new front door.

Duffin Joinery's Contribution

The key benefit of our service was in providing the client with cost certainty at an early stage, along with greater value for an overall cost and quality product. Duffin Joinery worked closely with the conservation architect to ensure the historic integrity of the sliding sash and casement windows was maintained.

Making the Difference

Duffin Joinery's attention to detail in both the design and construction of all the joinery items but in particular the sliding sash and casement windows succeeded in maintaining the integrity of the building while providing modern funtionality.